Clingraph: A declarative graph visualizerΒΆ

A visualizer for graphs defined as a set of facts that can be computed from logic programs. The graphs are generated using graphviz but are defined via fixed predicates from a list of facts.

The package also contains special features for integration with clingo as well as to create gifs, interactive svg files and latex code!

Here is a motivation example:


attr(graph, default, label, "Does' family").

attr(graph_nodes, default, style, filled).
attr(node, john, label, "John Doe").
attr(node, jane, label, "Jane Doe").

Then clingraph will load these facts and construct a graphviz object that can be rendered, saved and more!



Clingraph is part the Potassco umbrella (which is the home of Clingo and the other ASP tools)